About the Department:

Computer Science & Engineering department was introduced in the campus in 2005. In 2009, the M.Tech degree program was started.

The Department of Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) is a centre of excellence and one of the biggest prominent departments in the campus with a view to offer quality education and in-depth technical knowledge to beginners. Arya is one of the top Computer Science & Engineering colleges in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

The Department offers a 4-year B.Tech programme in Computer Engineering and also offers M. Tech in Computer Science and Engineering.

By the virtue of undergraduate programs, these programs mainly focus on the core concepts of engineering that makes different from the post-graduate programs where the students are mainly focused on the advanced topics in computer engineering and carrying the research in the multiple domains this field.. The main objective of post graduate programs is to dispense a broad spectrum of understanding for solving the engineering problems that are complex in nature.

Pursuing the post-graduate program enables the students to attain great momentum in career advancement. With these programs, candidates are eligible for the high designations varying from the managerial positions to scientist position in government sector. The potential of getting challenging responsibilities as well as high packaged job opportunities are dispensed by such programs.

Message By HOD:

Greetings!! On behalf of every faculty member, students and staff of Computer Science and Engineering Department of Arya Institute of Engineering and Technology (AIET) at Kukas, I invite you to take a journey into the creative and innovative world of computer science. As per my experience, Computer Science discipline has been regarded as an indispensable asset and an important tool in the advancement enduring in the current pace of technology. Achieving a degree in this domain will enable you all as a key player for innovation and discovery , which is required for bridging the scarcities which our country is facing with. Computer Science has always been useful and has been an invigorating center for innovation, research and higher education in the essential areas of computing. Arya is one of the Best Computer Science & Engineering colleges in Jaipur, rajasthan.

Computer Science department has well-qualified and experienced faculties imparting their knowledge in teaching the post-graduate program objectives.

a) Focus Area:

  • Mobile Computing

  • Information and Network Security

  • Big Data

  • Soft Biometrics Person Identification

  • Medical Imaging

  • Data Analytics

  • Cloud Computing

b) Digital Notes:

With the world advancing so fast, we have started to see several internet and software services growing and therefore paperless department are also becoming a huge trendsetter.

Growing paperless happens to be a much better and greener option than using the reams of paper that could cut down on the expenses but training and security issues could make the whole matter impractical depending on the our needs. One more avenue is to consider running the office with lesser paper instead of using a paperless office.

The motive of notes digitization is to convert our written notes in animated, video & presentable format such that a student will be capable of understanding the concept in a much better way. These digitized notes consist of the video tutorials, examples elaborated in a animated form, the corresponding questions that may be asked in a exam.

Almost every faculty member of the department has contributed in this initiative and all subject notes of the department were made digitized.

c) Student Development and CRT Cell:

Apart from the academics, each and every department of this institute constitutes Student Development Cell (SDC) and Campus Recruitment Training (CRT) that contributes in developing the technical and entrepreneurship skills among the students. The primary motto of these cells is to prepare the students to step-in in the world of technologies.

RTU M.Tech Scheme:

The Department runs two year regular M.Tech (4 semesters) in Computer Science & Engineering course as per RTU Scheme in the following hierarchy:

First Semester

  • 1MCS1: Advanced Data Structures

  • 1MCS2: Software System Design


  • 1MCS3.1: Modern Compiler Design

  • 1MCS3.2: Critical System Design

  • 1MCS3.3: Mathematical Foundations of Computing


  • 1MCS4.1: High Level System Design and Modeling

  • 1MCS4.2: Information System Security

  • 1MCS4.3: Grid Computing


  • 1MCS5: Software System Lab

Second Semester

  • 2MCS1: Advanced Database Management System

  • 2MCS2: Design of Embedded Systems

  • 2MCS3: Distributed Algorithms


  • 2MCS4.1: Advanced Computer Graphics

  • 2MCS4.2: High Performance Scientific Computing

  • 2MCS4.3: Advanced Real-Time System Design


  • 2MCS5: Advanced Database Lab

Third Semester

  • 3MCS1: Parallel and Distributed Computing


  • 3MCS2.1: Reconfigurable Computing

  • 3MCS2.2: Artificial Intelligence and Fuzzy Systems

  • 3MCS2.3: Network System Design


  • 3MCS4.1: Seminar

  • 3MCS4.2: Dissertation Part-I

Fourth Semester

  • 4MCS1: Dissertation Part-II

Industrial Collaboration:

The college has been arranging industrial tours for on-site practical learning of Electronics Engineering projects. These included

  • MSIT

  • Google

  • Wipro Mission 10X

  • Infosys Campus Connect (ICC)

  • WAE

  • CDAC

Departmental Lab's:

The department has following well- equipped laboratories that offer more that the prescribed practical needs as per RTU Curricilum :

  • Operating System Simulation Lab

  • Linux And Network Programming Lab

  • Compiler Design Lab

  • Project Lab /R&D Lab

  • Digital Hardware Design Lab

  • FPGA Lab

  • Data Structure Lab

  • Design And Analysis Of Algorithm Lab

  • Programming In C++ Lab

  • Advance Object Oriented Programming Lab

  • Database Lab

  • Embedded System Lab

  • System Design In Uml Lab

  • Computer Aided Software Engineering Lab

  • C Programming Lab

  • Shell Programming Lab

  • Advance Computer Network Lab

  • Digital Electronics Lab

  • Microprocessor Lab

  • Electronics devices and Circuit Lab

Operating System Simulation Lab
Compiler Design Lab
C Programming Lab
Project Lab /R&D Lab
Database Lab
Linux And Network Programming Lab
Java Programming Lab