Alumni Meet Arya Institute of Engineering & Technology

Alumni - a reflection of our past, a representation of our present, and a link to our future. We, at AIET, believe that the alumni are the integral core of an institution. They are important for the institution as it indicates their business linkages with various industries. Bonding with the alumni should be strong as increasing network has become the need of the hour today. The AIET Alumni Association has organized many great events which evoke memories and facilitate achievements. These events act as a platform to share the success of our alumni with our current students, who look up to them as a source of encouragement and motivation. These are truly exciting and enthusiastic moments for the alumni as well to get involved with their alma mater while making a remarkable difference in the lives of the students.

The main purpose of the Association is to provide an organization through which the Alumni of AIET ,faculty, and students of the institute can interact with each other for mutual benefit and to further the objectives of Association such as :

  • Provide a platform for social interactions and enable higher levels of interactions between alumni and current set of students.
  • Enable interactions between alumni for mutual benefit in academic and/or business areas.
  • To facilitate and encourage alumni to contribute towards improvement in the status of the Institute in areas pertaining to Academics, Infrastructure, Industry interactions and any other area that the alumni and the may Institute feel appropriate.
  • To encourage and facilitate the alumni taking up activities geared to improve society at large - particularly the underprivileged sections of society.

I would like to thank each member of the Alumni Association for their continued support towards their alma mater. I am sure that as an alumnus you will always be connected with AIET.