Alumni Meet

Rashi Dhariwal 2014 Batch-Infosys Select

"Life at ARYA INSTITUTE OF ENGG. & TECHNOLOGY was as experience like no other and I can proudly vouch for being associated for over 4 years with this Institution. The overall exposure which one receives here is in-comparable, which by default teaches lessons which are learnt way beyond the classrooms."

Ekta Choudhary 2014 Batch-L&T infotech Select

"ARYA INSTITUTE OF ENGG. & TECHNOLOGY provided me the "Best faculty courseware, Placement and infrastructure and helped me creating an identity for myself in the industry".

Pratibha 2014 Batch-TCS Select

"ARYA INSTITUTE is one of the best Institutes, where we not only gain knowledge but also get good opportunity for practical projects, and thus would rate it as the best place for the student to become not only a good business leaders but also good human beings."

Anuj Kaushik 2013 Batch-Accenture Select

"I can't explain this Institute in two lines it was pleasing experience to be a part of this Institute where I was able to nurture my dream and turn in to reality. Thank you ARYA INSTITUTE."

Jyoti Bhateja 2013 Batch-Dell Select

"I am glad to be a part of the Institute. This is the Institute where I got the opportunity to go on right platform to ascend the stairs of success."

Vivek Agrawal 2013 Batch -Cognizant

"ARYA INSTITUTE OF ENGG. & TECHNOLOGY has very disciplined approach, where every student can groom overall personality as well as communication skills."

Pardeep Kumar-2012Batch-HCL Technologies Select

”I am proud to be a part of Arya Institute which gave me the inspiration to prosper and succeed in the competitive business environment. In my journey in Arya, I developed all my inner talents and skills.”

Sonam-2012 Batch-Infosys ltd Select

Arya Institute of Engineering and Technology brought a diverse change in my career. I would like to thank all my faculty members and the management for my over all development.

Suraj Mathur - 2012 Batch- Wipro Technology Select

I am heartily thankful to all my faculties for their guidance and support bestowed for my success without which I would never be able to succeed in my life.

Jha yash Sharad-2012 Batch- BGR Energy Select

Arya Institute bridged the gap between theoretical and practicality of knowledge. The Career guidance cell of our college proved to be fruitful for me.

Neha Agrawal-2012 Batch-Syntel Select

My Confidence and my complete persona was developed and evolved during my journey at Arya. Had the college not worked out for our development, I would not be that successful as I am today.

Khushboo Agrawal-2012 Batch- Ambuja Cement Select

Being a part of Arya is in itself a symbol of recognition of my life. I would like to thank the management and team of Arya for giving me an opportunity to present my views and bring in lime light the contribution it has made towards diversifying my life in all the significant areas.

Archana Thanvi-2012 Batch-Subex Ltd Select

I would like to share heartiest thanks to Arya Institute to give me all advantageous opportunities and to pass through all the hurdles in life proving to be a milestone in my life.

Upasana Gulati-2012 Batch-Nucleus Software Exports Ltd Select

I am very thankful to the team of Arya Institute for best Education with extra placement as well as career guidance activities.

Rajat Agarwal-2012 Batch- Kothari Infotech Select

As a part of Arya,today I have gained such a level of confidence that I am able to face innumerable crowd and its too very easy for me to convey my views and opinions in a clear picture.

Amit Agarwal-2012 Batch- IBM India Select

Great Cooperation of Arya Institute is Crystal Clear because it has certainly made a diverse change in my confidence and skills. Proud to be a part of the Institute.

Vaibhav Gangwal-2012 Batch-Vmoksha Technologies Ltd Select

Arya Institute assisted me in learning all the technical skills required in order to achieve success in such a competitive environment.

Neha Singh-2012 Batch-Fujitsu Consulting India Select

Heartiest thanks to all my faculty members who have worked so satisfyingly for my betterment and success and a loud of applause for the Training and Placement cell of our college who have made us self dependent and I am very proud that finally I got placed in one of the most reputed organization and all the credit goes to “The Arya”.

Gaurav – 2011 Batch – Accenture Select

"The College empowered me with the qualities of a sting leadership, filled me with enthusiasm that helped me in my career. I learned effective technologies and various research activities.

I am grateful to Arya Institute for making me a complete Professional."

Rohit Choudhary – 2010 – Mahindra Satyam Select

"We were like ordinary stones when we joined Arya Institute of Engineering & Technology.They polished us into diamonds enabling us to shine and show our glow to the world."

Mrinmoy Choudhary – 2010 – Cognizant Select

"Arya Institute of Engineering & Technology gave me the wings of confidence to fly in the competitive world and provide me with the edge to perform better than the others."

Ravi Asnani – 2011 – Global Logic Select

"There is a huge difference between what is there in the book and the Industry Demand.. Thanks to Arya Institute of Engineering & Technology, who helped me to understand this and because of that I have been able to achieve my goals in life."

Vivek Bhandari – 2011 – Fujitsu Select

"It was indeed great to be a part of Arya Institute of Engineering & Technology. When I joined AIET, I was nobody. No one knew me in the college and even I was not at all confident of going out and start working. I was totally raw. Today I am working in my deam company and I owe my success to all my faculties at AIET."

Ishita Bhown – 2011 – IBM Select

"I am proud to be a part of Arya Institute of Engineering & Technology that transformed my personality and made me confident enough to face challenges in real life situations. The support and guidance that I received from my teachers and T&P Cell has helped me put in my best efforts. Now, I am confident in my job and am willing to overcome any constraints that I meet in my life. I thank all my teachers and College Management for investing so much in us and college and for leading my career into a new direction of hope and success."

Pallav Raj – 2011 – Syntel Select

"AIET is a Talent pool of best faculty with a cutting-edge pedagogy and industry interaction. AIET is the pearl of technical experience. It empowered me in my work and communication. I thank AIET for providing me an open access, aiming to advance the technical profession through open education and knowledge sharing. Last but not the least; it is only because of AIET that today I am flying with the good times. I, once again, thank AIET faculties and placement cell."

Vipin Khatri – 2010 – Wipro Technologies Select

"I joined Arya Institute of Engineering & Technology as student. I had a completely different approach towards work but my tenure in Arya Institute of Engineering & Technology changed my approach completely. Now, I am much more focused than I used to be. Apart from grooming me into a good professional, AIET has given me a platform to prove myself in the corporate world. Thanks AIET!"

Sriyukt Bhandari – 2011 – HCL Comnet Select

"It's my pleasure to say something about Arya Institute of Engineering & Technology. It showed me the path to success and provided all needed tools to perform better in the competitive world. I would like to thank our faculties who were cooperative at each and every stage of session. I am thankful to the Arya Institute of Engineering & Technology to assist me in getting placed in HCL Comnet."

Snehashish Das – 2011 – Subex Ltd Select

"I am very grateful and thankful to my seniors, faculties and mentors who all have given me this wonderful opportunity to reveal my experience. AIET had worked very hard to place each one of us in good companies. I have been selected for Subex Ltd., Bangalore with a very handsome package. I would like to sincerely thank AIET for their endeavors."

Zinita – 2011 – HCL Technology Select

"At AIET, I found the scope to develop as a professional and inculcate a distinct individuality. I am very grateful to AIET for the help extended for my final placement at HCL Technology. It is the place where I have explored my potential and converted my dreams into reality. My warm regards to AIET team for making me so proud to be an Aryan."

Khushvendra Saini – 2012 Ambuja Cement Select

"It's a moment of great pleasure and honour to share my wonderful experience with Arya Institute of Engineering & Technology. During my entire tenure in AIET as a student, I always got support from my faculties. I would like to thank Arya Institute of Engineering & Technology for giving me such qualitative education and also express my heartiest gratitude to T&P Cell for securing best placements for all of us."

Punit rawal – 2012 – BGR Energy Select

"I am very thankful to all the faculty members of Arya Institute of Engineering & Technology for their guidance and support. They supported me in every step and boosted my confidence level as a result of which I could face the interview and got selected for the job."

Ashish Gupta – 2009 – Persistent Systems Select

"It's a pleasure for me to say something about Arya Institute of Engineering & Technology. When I joined AIET, I had a completely different approach towards work. AIET provided me a platform to prove myself in the competitive corporate world. All the faculties and my mentors have supported us throughout our academic tenure. Thanks AIET!"

Karan Thakuran – 2010- TCS Select

"My four years spent at AIET were the most important years of my education life and career as it is today. I would like to thank the AIET team for their support and guidance. It is only because of their efforts that we have been able to move ahead in the right direction."

Anubhav Bansal – 2010- Infosys Ltd. Select

"It was indeed great to be a part of Arya Institute of Engineering & Technology. When I joined AIET, I was nobody. No one knew me in the college and even I was not at all confident of going out and work. I owe my success to all my faculties at AIET."

Nidhi Tiwari – 2010 – Aditya Birla Select

Today, when I look back I remember each and every thing, and to me it is like a dream now. AIET has played a great role in my overall growth. Thanks a lot to my teachers for their support.

Arpit Agarwal – 2012 – Nuleus Software Select

"Thanks to AIET! The Course structure and the lectures are informative and up-to-date with the industry standards. I highly recommend AIET."

Ms. Ruchi – 2010 – Infosys Ltd. Select

"I am proud to be an Alumnus of Arya Institute of Engineering & Technology. AIET is the perfect for all who wish to make it big in the corporate world. I benefited greatly from the projects and campus recruitments here at AIET. Thank you AIET for making me a great success!"

Varun Goel – 2010 – IBM Select

"I had a good time at AIET and learnt what life is. The faculty was very helpful and I strongly feel that without their support it would not have been possible to get a good job in India's number one company. All thanks to AIET!"

Ayushi Chaturvedi – 2011 – Accenture Select

"I always wanted to make it big in the Technology Industry. That is why I thought none other than Arya Institute, Jaipur. Besides high-standards of teaching and out-of-the box learning, the AIET provided me the foundation of great success in all my endeavors. When I finished my studies there, I was already turned into an Industry-Ready Professional. Thank you AIET for bringing joy to my life!"

Anshul Rohilla- 2011- Global Logic Select

"Openness at Arya Institute is something that helps in the pursuit of knowledge. The most exciting part of learning here is that we are encouraged to ask questions. I enjoyed my stint because of the perfect blend of academic rigors and fun."

Shruti Johari – 2011 – Syntel Select

"AIET combines the best of both worlds. With Soft Skills, I am an industry-ready professional, achieving targets right from the word go. Thanks AIET for making my dream a reality!"

Aman Verma – 2011- Essar Steel Select

"My days at AIET were the most memorable as it was full of sheer learning and plain fun. AIET faculty right from day one shared, owned and nurtured my career dreams."